Carrot and Potato towers; growing potatoes in small spaces.

 You guessed it… I am largely immobile due to my knee injury I decided to go through my photos for the last few weeks and update all the posts I planned but didn’t get to.

Carrot towers
The carrot towers have been disappointing so far; the carrots haven’t grown at all and many have died. I’m not willing to give up on the idea yet though. Some of the possible causes of the failure are;

  • Transplanting the carrots (they don’t really like to be moved) or transplanting them too young.
  • Over watering (I admit I went overboard on the watering because they were right beside the door)
  • No morning sun.
So next time I will either plant advanced seedlings, or seed into the tubes and I will move the whole thing to a spot that gets morning sun.

The carrots have not grown at all.

The marigolds around the bottom look great though.

Potato towers
I have had some success with potato towers though. The basic theory is the same as the carrot towers except all the growth comes out of the top of the tower and the height allows the plant to form many more potatoes than it could in the ground.
The potatoes surrounded by compost which is kept inside the wire tube by a newspaper lining.

The potatoes are planted into cardboard boxes full of compost to reduce grass invasion.
Each tower is planted with two potatoes, I have Desiree and Kipfler  potatoes in this year.

2 thoughts on “Carrot and Potato towers; growing potatoes in small spaces.

  1. Hi Jude to you build this up as the potato grows or just put in the paper and cardboard, and then fill up with dirt and plant the potato?

  2. Hi Shay,
    You plant the potato in the box with compost and build it up as the plant grows. The idea is to have only the top leaves above the soil at all times. I will do a post with clearer instructions if you like.

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