Earthbag building experiment- The new bathroom- We have a door frame

After a gentle day of work on our bathroom (about three hours work in total) we have put up the door frame and completed another layer of bags, thanks to the help of one of of our neighbors. We began the day with my partner and daughter putting up the door frame and securing it in place while our neighbor and I filled earthbags with the conveniently damp soil (it was a showery day).


Finished for now. We have to keep the bags covered so they don’t get wet or UV effected


Filling pots with damp soil, each bag has four and a half pots of soil in it, except the half bags which have two and a bit pots.


Figuring out how to hold the door frame level with rope and tent pegs…you have to sit down to think at this depth.

This may seem like a very small gain, but it has left me feeling ridiculously satisfied with life. I feel as if things are progressing even though there is very little time to work on any projects which aren’t work related and even basic maintenance is taking a hit. I love the feeling of working on my own home, of building something I will use and appreciate (or curse) for years to come.


I did do some of the work…I swear. Tamping down the bags to get that firm and stable feeling.


Taking the form work off the step so the door frame can be bolted down.

This is just a quick update. Next time I hope to have bagged right up to window height. Wish me luck.

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