Craft room cleaning challenge

I’m not a hoarder, I just need a bigger craft room.

This holidays I am setting myself the challenge of cleaning out and organising my craft room. At the moment there is so much stuff stacked in there that I literally can’t get into it. So while the family is away I am going to take everything out, sort it and re-organise it all. This will take days and I may need to go to the dump once or twice as a result. So here we go;

First  of all I emptied out the wardrobe affectionately known as ‘The wool cupboard’. I had no idea I had amassed this much fleece…remind me of that when I am tempted to say yes to further offers. There is enough raw wool here to keep me washing and spinning for a couple of years (full time). I want to re-purpose the wool cupboard to hold my market stock and gear, reasoning that there is about the same amount of space in it as there is in my car so if it won’t fit in the cupboard, it won’t fit in the car. Also I won’t be tripping over the market stuff blocking my entrance to the craft room any more.


This is the pile of feed bags holding raw fleece from my wool cupboard.


This is the pile of market gear and stock which blocks my entrance to the craft room (yes…the junk in the middle of the room) and results in me putting everything on the pile as I can’t get to the shelves to put it away.

My first move was to hang an old bed base from the ceiling by chains. This creates a rigid hanging shelf to store a lot of stuff (just think about how much stuff you can pile on your bed). The bed base is a single, but it fit really nicely in the space and it’s hung just high enough for me not to bump my head.



The majority of the raw wool is now in containers on my suspended shelf.


With the market stuff in the former wool cupboard there is now some floor space to work in.


Now to start going through the boxes of stray crafting stuff and making use of everything

Cleaning out the craft room is going to be an ongoing project (just like the shed). Given the huge amount of fleece I have unsuspectingly amassed, I think my focus for the near future will be on spinning as much as possible. I can see a huge yarn sale in my future.

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  1. Oh I love decluttering and reorganising stuff 🙂 And I like what you did with that single bed base! Given Me ideas for my art space, which is tidy but getting a little crowded.

    Happy wooling and sorting 🙂

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