Playing with online teaching


Lately I have been learning a lot about making online lessons for my class. My favorite app at the moment is Nearpod, an app which lets anyone build interactive lessons.

For a long time I have been playing with the idea of making simple, online lessons for all sorts of things that I can offer from my blog. Today I am trying out the idea.

The following link should take you to an open lesson on Hugelkultur (sort of), it is very simple and fairly interactive. This is a test lesson so I have not included all the information I would normally add; just enough to try out the app. I would be very grateful if you would try out the link and have a play with the lesson so I can decide if this is a good platform for me to use.


Let me know what you think?

3 thoughts on “Playing with online teaching

  1. “the odd body …” lol …
    I actually enjoyed that, and saved the link … think i might need to adjust the one i started in our yard. I liked this, it was informative and interactive and not too intimidating ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done you!

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