Trying to get rid of old dog pee smells

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Our old dog; Spot, is 19 years old (yes, in people years), he is a fairly healthy old boy who still loves life. He has Canine Cognitive Disorder; or doggy dementia. His mind is going and he can often be found wandering around looking for the door in any given room, gets stuck in odd places and circles endlessly looking for the nearest human. He often forgets to go outside to pee these days, which is a real problem for us. We tried putting him in a belly band (a male dog nappy) for a while, but he ended up with a kidney infection so that was out. We now cage him when nobody is home to minimise and contain his leaks, . when we are home, the door is always open to his little, safe yard and we make sure we put him out every hour or so, but that still leaves some pretty smelly spots on the floor to deal with from the pre-cage days and times when we miss the signs.

I researched ways to get rid of the awful smell from pavers and came up with some alternatives;

hydrated lime

bicarbonate of soda



Of course I decided to use all of them (the smell was really bad).

First I vacuumed the areas really well.


Yes, this is after vacuuming

Then I sprinkled lime over the spots and left them for a night


After vacuuming up the lime I washed the whole floor with vinegar and peroxide in a bucket with warm water. I used a scrubbing brush to make sure I got into every crack around the pee spots.


When the floor was dry, I sprinkled bi-carb of soda over the pee spots again and left them for another day.

Finally I vacuumed the floors yet again and the smell was gone.


I will probably have to do this all again, we still have the old dogs after all, but at least I now have a plan of attack.



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