Freida update- she’s home


After losing Daisy, we have been extra paranoid about everything Freida does; we watch for any signs of sickness at all and worry endlessly about how much she is eating and pooping. Thankfully she puts up with all the fuss with good grace and is growing into a sweet little sheep.

The owner of the herd my daughter was watching agreed to let us keep her (yay!!) and we are over the moon happy about it. She is now home in the humpy and has happily joined the dog pack as a card carrying member of the protect-the-humpy-from-everything brigade (who specialize in distant planes, loud wind, leaves and people who park the car in the wrong place); she helps the dogs bark at anything even vaguely threatening around the place.


She sleeps in a box at night; an old TV cabinet turned on it’s back. It has blankets and newspaper in it and is fairly close to the stove. Through the day she runs around with the dogs and shares their various beds. The door is always open to the yard so she and the dogs can come and go as they please. She is drinking her bottles and is starting to nibble chaff and grass.


This is now Freida’s box. This photo is from when Daisy was still with us.

The dogs have accepted her as just another family member, they have had a lot of practice at inter species tolerance. Bandit sees her as just another possible sleeping partner and will cuddle up to her at the drop of a hat (she does put out a lot of heat).


We love our little Freida, she is a source of constant amusement. While discussing our attachment to lambs in general with my youngest daughter she put forward the theory that we fall in love with them because they are pure joy wrapped in wool. She may be right; they are indeed, joyful little creatures who have no agenda beyond the moment. Whatever the reason, we are besotted with our new baby.

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