#coronavirus- refrigerator bread buns and pizza base

I have consistently made some sort of bread product every two days since I began making refrigerator bread. I make it because I hate to waste anything, so that dough sitting in the fridge seems to make me want to use it (so it doesn’t go to waste). In the last two days I have made bread rolls and three huge pizza bases, so I thought I would share the results here.

The bread rolls were a simple matter of rolling the lumps (roughly the same size) into a smooth ball and plonking them onto a tray to rise. I baked them for 20 minutes in a hot oven then put them out to cool.

Rising dough. So full of potential.
I used my silicon baking sheet to keep the bases from sticking to the tray.
They turned out very well.

The pizza bases made a lot of mess (well…I made a huge mess making them). I dusted a lump of dough (about 1 1/2 cups in size) with plain flour and rolled them out flat with a rolling pin. They were plonked onto a pizza tray and topped with pizza makings then baked for about 35 minutes in a hot oven.

Yes, there was flour everywhere.
The pizza was really yummy.

I am sold on this method of making bread products, it is so versatile. I wonder what else I can make?

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  2. I posted a link on FB, for two more products that I’ve been doing with fridge bread dough that have worked well. Pizza scrolls (I do sauce chopped ham, caramelised onion, cheese) and also Cheese and Vegemite scrolls. Freeze them fresh and Philip take to have morning tea/lunch.

    And the flat bread is so good and easy I’ll never buy flat bread again.

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