On my walk I saw… number two

The last post about what I saw on a walk with Melvin was so much fun to make I decided to make it a series. Maybe I can capture some of the beauty of our home and store it here for everyone to enjoy.

Today my daughter and both dogs started out with me, but Chloe and the dogs went back about half way down the driveway (due to lack of interest) so I carried on alone. I am really surprised that this walk, that I completed twice a day every day for ten years (down the driveway to the bus stop) can still throw up new and interesting things to see and hear. Here are todays offerings.


I noticed today that the purples of the tiny flowers in the Spring bush are giving way to the yellows of late Summer.

Pleated inkcap (I think)
Variable groundsel
Cortinarius australiensis (I think)
Wombat berry
I have no idea what this flower and the following two climbers are, do you?
Ants cleaning up the path. This unfortunate spider (I believe) is being put to good use.
Not Turkey Tails… Gilled Polypore
More Hardenbergia, I was interested in the colour of the fading flowers

Small leaf fig

The last two photos above have a little story attached to them. I pass the Small leaf fig on my way to the bus and on walks all the time, it is on a neighbor’s property, but right beside the road. I have never noticed the small, but deep, pool at it’s base. Today I noticed because a frog was calling from the pond and I went in search of the sound in an effort to get a photo. I didn’t find the frog, but I did find this enchanted fairy lake, hiding behind a shield of fig leaves.

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