On my walk I saw… – number five

Today it was hard to get myself going to go for a walk, my legs are sore and I am tired, but I went anyway. Melvin was expecting his walk and I hate to disappoint him. I think I will rest tomorrow, my muscles need a break. I am glad I went though, I saw a White Headed pigeon and found some beautiful plants.

Today’s discoveries;

White headed pigeon Blurry I know, he was a long way away. This is a juvenile, ready to leave home.
I don’t know what kind of fern this is, but it is beautiful.

Melvin, loving his walks.
Can anyone identify this plant? The flowers are tiny, but beautiful when you take the time to look.

The top two photos are of the top and underside of a fungus I found on a piece of dead wood. I think this one is a polypore and may be true turkey tail, because the underside hasn’t got any gills.

The bottom two photos above are of what I think is an Amanita ochrophylla. I think the pattern of the gills is so satisfying.

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