On my walk I saw… – number eight

It is still raining, I don’t mind though (better rain than fire). I took Melvin for a walk today in a rare gap in the drizzle, but we were two kilometres out on our walk when the rain began to pour down. We both got very wet and needed a towel before we were allowed back in the humpy. I didn’t see a great deal of note on our walk, but we both enjoyed it immensely. I managed to take a few photos of interesting things (to me anyway).

I think this is some kind of pincushion moss. It is beautiful and makes everything look magical.
This little flower is tiny, I had to get really close to get a photo of it that didn’t just look like a white dot.
The wattle is flowering too.
More hardenbergia, but with a slightly different colour.
The lichen on the rocks are spawning. Those little black dots are spores (I think).
I’m not sure what this little flower is, but I love it’s cheery yellow.
This is a white ant nest that has lost it’s protective layer of clay. I thought it looked a lot like an exposed brain. You can see the channels that are the hallways of the nest.
This causeway is on our road out (not the driveway). It is flowing really well and is full of frogs and insects.

Melvin and I are enjoying our wandering so much. I remembered to hit the ‘Workout’ button on my watch today and apparently my usual walk is about four kilometres long (there and back), It doesn’t feel that long at all.

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