Noticing beauty

On a recent trip to the vet, I stopped to use the toilet at a national park lookout. I pass this tiny park in the rainforest on every trip to the vet. I have used the toilet there many times in the past, but today I noticed something I have never noticed before… beauty.

Of course I realise that the rainforest is beautiful, and appreciate the cool, damp depths of green I see there, but what I experienced and felt today was on a whole other level.

After using the toilet, I happened to glance up at the clear plastic skylight in the ceiling. I stood transfixed in awe for quite some time by what I saw there.

The photo above doesn’t do it justice, but the layers of leaves with the sun glowing through them just filled my soul with a quiet joy I had not realised was missing from my emotional diet.

I took a couple of photos to share here and to record that moment of utter peace and joy. I will be looking out for these moments more in future, it is a potent and addictive drug.

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