Flooded in – and loving it

This and every other photograph in this post is taken from a Facebook page called Tabulam Community Noticeboard.

The above photo is one of the many causeways we need to cross on our way to work each day. Three weeks ago, when most of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales were flooded, we were flooded in and unable to get to work (or anywhere). This happens every once in a while and is to be expected living in the bush, but here we are three weeks later, in the same situation. The creeks are high, all the bridges are under water, the causeways are under, the roads are shut. We are home.

Yet another bridge on my way to work.

I love being home, tucked up all safe and warm while the world goes on without me. This time however, these rains have done so much damage to so many people, I feel guilty to be safe, dry and warm while so many have lost so much.

Nature can be unforgiving and She seeks to balance herself without noticing all the little creatures in the way. We are little creatures to Nature, we don’t count at all in the big scheme of things. I think it is time for us (as a species, as a community and as a family) to get our bottoms in gear and get ready for some really hard times to come.