Eight Acres: Permaculture – design from patterns to details

Eight Acres: Permaculture – design from patterns to details

This is a great post about Permaculture design; well worth the read.

More reading while you wait

I have been doing more reading about Hugelkultur and I am getting quite excited by the possibilities.

The Half assed hugelkultur bedĀ 
got me excited with its reference to raised soil temperature.
I work as a garden coordinator in a primary school and I can see some experiments coming up in term three.

Now all I need is some kid friendly links to show the kids where, how and why.

Hugelkultur fever

A few months ago a friend of mine shared an idea she had about hugelkultur, which is basically burying wood in soil and planting into it. At the time I filed it away for later research, then today I got to researching.

Have a look at these links;
The basics
In Australia

After all that reading I went out and collected my first 5 wheel barrow loads of old wood to make garden beds in my vegetable/ chook runs.

As you can see, the sheep thought it was a great idea, and even my dog Bandit thought it might work onceĀ  I had laid the scrap wood out in the rough shape of beds.

Tomorrows job is to find soil to cover the wood. See you then.