Making a car Go Bag for fire season

When we were directly threatened by fire in 2019, we evacuated our entire household for a month. When we left, we took only our animals, one change of clothes and a laptop. I want to be better organised with our personal items and have a Go Bag in the car at all times with the essentials always available. Ever since I was a child we have always had water in the car, it is a habit to check the drinking water before setting off anywhere. Now it is time to do the same with an essential Go Bag.

I need to find a way to store all the items below in a mouseproof, water proof container that won’t take up too much space in my car.

Two laundry bags are the first to go in. While we were living in a tent and then a caravan for a month, one of the things we missed most were our baskets and buckets. We carry and store things constantly as humans and having something to store and carry clothes and other essentials in is very reassuring. I chose a couple of foldable bags that won’t take up much space.

Next comes the first aid kit with spares of all our medications and generic first aid stuff. Also some wipes, glow sticks and an ockey strap on the grounds that you never know when they may be useful (and they often are). I also included a camping bidet bottle in case I need to answer a call of nature somewhere with no toilet paper.

Basic toiletries are included of course. You should never leave home without a toothbrush.

Clothes were added. I managed to fit two sets of clothes, three sets of under wear and a set of pajamas in this box with all the other stuff.

I included an air freshener to try to keep things from getting smelly and musty too.

This Go Bag has already been useful when I was flooded out of home once this year. It lives in my car so I know I can be comfortable if I can’t get home for some reason.

I would like to add some dehydrated meals to the kit as well, and maybe a basic camping outfit.