Heirloom seeds on the way

I just joined the The Digger’s Club and ordered my first batch of heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO vegetable seeds. It’s very exciting for me and I am dreaming about the vegetable garden I will grow with these seeds.

Now all I have to do is build myself a seedling raising area that is rodent and chook proof, has enough light and is not in danger of getting too hot as the weather warms up and is close enough to both the humpy and the vegetable garden to be convenient for daily visits; all in the next two weeks (which is the deadline for the arrival of the seeds.

There are several candidates for a position;
Beside the front door
Advantages; I pass it all the time, it is fairly sheltered from the wind.
Disadvantages; it faces west and so gets only afternoon sun.

Behind the tap on the left of the door is a 40 cm  x 85 cm space.

Beside the back door;
Advantages; it faces east and so gets morning sun, it is sheltered from the wind and hot afternoon sun and I pass it often.
Disadvantages; I would need to move the ‘sick animal’ aviary to a new position (it is currently housing an out of season clutch of chickens.

The aviary on the left is where I keep sick wildlife and other animals that happen to stray into my care (the fish tanks are for snakes and lizards)

Beside the chook pen/vegetable garden gate;
Advantages; It is close to the vegetable beds, I pass it all the time, it has morning sunlight to some extent.
Disadvantages; It requires cleaning up an unruly mess (could be an advantage also), it faces west and is exposed to the east also, it is exposed to the wind.

It looks even more of a mess in photos. I think I’d better clean this up no matter where I put the seedlings.

I would like to hear some opinions about where I should put my new seedling area and some suggestions for making it rodent and chook proof. Feel free to comment.

4 thoughts on “Heirloom seeds on the way

  1. Well I've not had much success with a special seed-raising place as yet – I usually grow them straight in the soil and only the hardy survive. Having said that, we did buy a little greenhouse thing on ebay for about $40 I think, which at least provides a protected environment. But as I discovered, leaving it in too sunny of a spot cooks all the little seedlings. I would therefore avoid afternoon sun, but like I said, I'm no expert!
    Good luck.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Jaquui, one of those little seedling houses is one of the options I am considering. If I get one then i guess the back door position will be the right one. I will try to avoid the 'leaving them to cook' mistake with my seeds.
    Thanks for the good luck wishes; I will need all the luck I can get at my zoo….er, place.

  3. You're on, if i can afford one of those 3 x 3m green house kits (they are about $500). Then I could put a little table and two chairs in there for summer afternoon coffee. It's a nice dream, the money might hold me up for a season or two though.

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