Passing of Ryan Rooster

Today is a sad day; my favorite rooster died last night. He was a cross bred frizzle rooster, his mother’s name was Eagle and his father was Raoul; he looked just like his dad.
He was an old boy for a rooster; five years at least, but I kept him because he had beautiful babies and because he was a gentle, caring boy, good with chicks and hens and people of all heights and shapes.
As is the way with these things he got into a fight with one of his grand sons and lost the fight. He was in intensive care overnight, but the hot day and his advanced age did him in.
 I will miss him.

Ryan Rooster a month ago.

I am looking for homes for some of Ryan’s grandsons as I am going to have a Salmon Faverolles rooster next I think;

This little boy is still waiting for his adult feathers, but he will be steel grey I think and a full frizzle look.

Some good news for the day;
I have one little Minorca chick hatched! They are so cute; with their short little beaks and big eyes.

The Minorca is the one with her face away from the camera (of course)

So beautiful, I love baby chickens.

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  1. Yes it is, these things happen and it is the natural order of things, fathers and sons (or in this case grandsons) have to challenge each other. We are lucky to belong to a species that doesn't often challenge to the level of blood and internal injury.

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