Genetically Engineered cholera vaccines.

OGTR – DIR 126 – Notification of application

The link above is an application to run ‘field trials’ in three Australian states for a new GE cholera vaccine. I find the idea disturbing;

On the plus side, vaccines like these could save a lot of lives (maybe).

On the minus side, GE organisms are unstable and prone to mutation.
                               GE modification is an imprecise science; scientists are not always sure where in the      gene sequence they are inserting new genes, which can lead to unpredictable results (al la ‘I am legend’).
                               My personal belief is that there are no quick fixes; nature builds immunity slowly and painfully (but predictably)

This article highlights some of my concerns (in science speak), although it focuses on environmental possibilities rather than the human costs. This blog post gives a few examples of GE organisms which exist now.

What are your views on genetic engineering?

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