A new craft….embroidery.

Recently I have been messing about with embroidery. I don’t know the names of the stitches or techniques as yet, but I am enjoying making pictures with my needle and silks. I made these little pieces for a CWA (Country Women’s Association) craft competition and I am fairly proud of them.

A Wedge-tailed Eagle.

A sheep (the wool on my sheep is spun from Border Leicester wool on my drop spindle)

A scythe and wheat sheaf.

I don’t think they will win any prizes, but I have really enjoyed making them and think I may have to learn more about embroidery.

2 thoughts on “A new craft….embroidery.

  1. Hi Jude, I really love your embroidery! So different to the boring stuff I see in magazines, I like the way you have made the sheep really come alive with the swirly organic shapes! I like embroidery as it takes a relatively short time to finish a piece, but I haven't done much more than outline work as yet…


  2. Hi Sandrina, I enjoy it too. It is very time consuming though, so I don't do a lot of it. Every time I finish a piece I want to do more but life gets too busy again. I am not a very professional embroiderer but I enjoy the process. Maybe you could post some photos of your embroidery pieces? I would love to see them.


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