My new Etsy shop

You may have noticed that I have changed my pages (the tabs along the top of the blog) so that they take you straight to my Etsy and MadeIt stores. I have added links to my stores for one simple reason; I am trying to sell stuff.

This year, due to funding cuts in the education department, I only have one day per week work (and full time study) which makes it hard to pay bills (something most of us are familiar with) so I began casting around for an income stream that would allow me to stay home (studying, gardening, crafting and blogging) and would make enough to pay the mortgage. I came up with selling my crafting efforts online.

I am selling my hand made knitted items, home spun wool, hand made soap and herbal ointments.

Please have a look at my wares so far and let me know what you think; I am looking for ways to improve my shop (and I love to read peoples comments).

Hand knit finger-less mittens made from recycled acrylic yarn

Hand knit and felted tote bag, made from pure wool.

Home spun cream coloured Suffolk wool

Home spun Merino wool

Homespun white cotton

Hand made vegetable oil soap in a hand knit cotton bag

Hand knitted phone cosies

2 thoughts on “My new Etsy shop

  1. You're juggling a lot of things all at once, and I hope you're doing fine with all that stuff! I know owning a small starting shop takes a lot of effort to make successful, but never forget to take some well deserved R&R sometimes. I hope your Etsy shop prospers, your work certainly merits it!

    Clint @ Franchise Match

  2. Hi Clint, Yes I am juggling a lot of things at once. Thanks for the lovely compliment too. I do find myself close to burn-out at regular intervals but when I feel that way I go out for a walk or take some time in the garden and I can go on.

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