Update on Teal’c the black faced cuckoo shrike

Teal’c has been growing and developing rapidly from the fluffy little eating machine that first arrived at our house several months ago. He is now almost fully feathered and is getting the characteristic black, Lone Ranger-ish mask of his species. He has been outside in his aviary both day and night for a week or so now (as opposed to just in the day time) and today we decided to upgrade him to the flight pen for short flights. The ‘flight pen’ is actually just a closed off section of the chook pen with perches added for the purpose. It won’t be long before he is outside, free during the day and sleeping in the aviary at night.

He looks Lone Ranger-ish doesn’t he.

Roadie the butcher bird (at the top of the photo) isn’t too pleased to see a competitor for food. He will be a problem once Teal’c is out for the day, but with some training he will hopefully come to tolerate the company.

Teal’c enjoying the sun.

On the ground you can see newspapers and cardboard boxes; we throw all our paper into the chook pens and they turn it into valuable compost for us. This pen is in the process of composting.

This is Teal’c three weeks ago in his aviary, begging for food.

He has grown up a lot in the last few weeks.

What is happening with your animals at the moment?

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