Crowdfunding donation – Week two

I promised last week to donate $5 every week to another crowdfunding project, as I believe that this is a great way for us all to support each other and get things done.
This week I have chosen a health related project to give my five dollars to; Cystic Fibrosis Vest.

Cystic fibrosis is a truly horrible genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.
The vest seems to be a high tech version of the old ‘lay facedown on the bed while mum pounds your back’ cure for mucus in the lungs. I hope this little boy gets his vest and it improves his quality of life.

2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding donation – Week two

  1. Thanks Jacqui, I am hoping to inspire people to act. After the whinging and dissatisfied discussion should come action; I got very sick of worrying about not having enough to pay our block off and decided to help someone else out instead (and hope we have enough left to pay for the block). I love the crowdfunding idea.

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