Blueberry wine season…Yay!


Books and home made wine on a rainy afternoon; who could ask for more.

It’s blueberry season again (almost over in fact) and I’m making wine. I picked up a batch of about five kilos of blueberries, we ate a kilo between the humans and fruit eating animals in the humpy. Four kilos became must (the mush of fruit, water and yeast that is pre-wine) for a batch of wine.

My recipe is really simple;

First I take four kilos of blueberries and put them into a sterilized (by Campden tablets) fermenting tub. I put six litres of water in a pot and added two kilos of sugar slowly as I bring it to the boil. I used three types of sugar in this one; (what I could find in the cupboard) raw sugar, brewing sugar and brown sugar.


When the sugar solution has cooled down a little bit I add some of it to my fermenting tub with the blueberries and mash them up with a potato masher. I try to split as many berries as I can but not turn it into jam. Then I add the rest of the sugar solution to the tub with a crushed Campden tablet. This sterilizes the must (that’s what the fruit and sugar water mix is called at this point of the process) ready for yeast to be introduced at a later date. I also take a specific gravity reading with my handy hydrometer at this point; this batch sits firmly in the table wine range (my hydrometer has numbers to read, but I usually just look at the wine type listed beside it).

I seal the fermenting tub and add an airlock for a day or two.


After about a day, I add the activated yeast. I tip the yeast into a bowl of warm water with about half a teaspoon of sugar stirred into it. After a few minutes the yeast begins to foam, after twenty minutes or so I add it to the must and seal it back up.

20171104_192502Then I just wait until the bubbling starts. During this time I stir the must every day with a sterilised long spoon, this adds a bit of air and lets me see how much activity there is in the yeast.  Eventually the bubbling settles down and I know the must is ready to decant into demijohns for the second ferment. The wine usually bubbles up again when decanted into the demijohns; it settles down after a few days.


The froth build up from the yeast partying in all that sugar.



I threw on a batch of apple wine while I was sterilising. This lot is just made from supermarket juice…I think it is commonly known as ‘panty dropper wine’ as it has a hydrometer reading above desert wine (meaning more alcohol)…I’ll let you know.


For some reason this demijohn has very little activity, I may have to intervene and add more yeast or a raisin or two.

After I am sure the yeast has done it’s job and all the available sugars are now alcohol, it is ready to bottle and eventually to drink.


This is some of last years batch of blueberry wine, it’s a strong table wine…maybe a desert wine, but certainly not in the ‘panty dropper’ range.

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  1. ‘Panty-dropper wine’ LOL

    But this looks way simpler than i thought the process was … I might just put it on my ‘goals’ list for next year 😉

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