Damned possum…seedling disaster


This sad pile of sand, newspaper and seedlings greeted me this morning when I went to check the garden. At some point last night one of the resident possums decided that cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus seedlings looked good, so he jumped down onto the pile of milk crates I have been using to house my seedlings and clawed the trays down. It must have been a fun party because there are many little possum pellets (poop) scattered around the pile. We didn’t hear a thing from the humpy so he didn’t even rouse the chooks who sleep beside the vegetable garden and serve as an early warning system by cackling manically when ever something comes near their roost at night.

I managed to save some of them by repotting and careful reassembling of the system. I can’t stop the possum from getting into the garden, but I try. All holes have been patched, and repatched, but like everything, it doesn’t always work. The possums are a welcome part of our ecosystem and we never try to hurt them; they belong here as much as we do, but I do wish they would be less destructive sometimes. I will be having a stern word with that possum next time I see him.

The seedling area looks as good as new and 12 cauliflower seedlings were saved. Maybe it’s time to plant some more seeds.


2 thoughts on “Damned possum…seedling disaster

  1. Argghh, critter issues can be so challenging. I wish it were possible to make them a deal, as in, “I’ll give you some food, as long as you leave those very important seedlings alone”. On the bright side, I love your paper pots for seedlings.

    • Thanks for your comment, I love the paper pots too. We sort of do have that deal. I plant lots extra for critters. It seems to be a problem we have at this time of year when the juvenile possums leave their mum.

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