Local insects and animals – Dainty green tree frog

I couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful sunset with you. The sky was glowing with orange and pink light, so much so that the air seemed to have an orange tint to it. The evening was just cool enough to be pleasant and the day’s work was done… heaven.

With all the rain we have had over this Summer (so lovely to be able to say that), the frogs are beginning to breed up again. They sing from the dam and yard every night; calling for mates while the puddles last. Every bucket and bowl left out to fill with water is hosting tadpoles of one kind or another.

I found this pretty little frog on the clothesline beside the front door. She is a Dainty Green Tree Frog.

An internet photo for comparison

I love having so many different kinds of frogs around the humpy. It indicates a healthy environment (even if it is messy). We encourage the frogs by leaving containers for them to breed in, placing piles of rocks near the water for adults to hide in and sometimes we feed the tadpoles lettuce and fish food if they are in a smallish container.

2 thoughts on “Local insects and animals – Dainty green tree frog

  1. How lovely. Gorgeous wee frogs! I’m so glad that you’ve had rain again. We tend to take it for granted here, and it does me good to be reminded of how precious it is. X

    • It is lovely to have the rain. The real beauty of the bush for me is the changability. When it rains, we see frogs and green and flowers. Birds sing and nest, kangaroos breed and the sky is low. When it’s dry we see snakes and goanna, the birds are still in the trees and the land is grey and red. The sky is a million miles above us and clouds are rare. I do love living where I can see the changes.

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