Sourdough pasta

Yet another use for left over starter.

I have been wanting to try making lasagna in the thermal cooker, but so far I haven’t been brave enough. I also have a lot of sourdough starter that needs to be used, why not combine them and make sourdough pasta sheets for a vegetarian lasagna. Today is the day…

First to find a how-to or a recipe I can almost totally change; I found several at;

Ceara’s Kitchen

The minimalist baker

Korena in the kitchen

They all seemed to be just a combination of flour, egg and water, with a few added bits. So I decided to go it alone and make it up as I went along.

Sourdough pasta


1/2 cup plain flour

1/2 cup rye bread flour

1 egg (I used a duck egg)

1 cup sourdough starter



Plop everything in a bowl and mix together.

Form a dough that can be kneaded by hand.

Rest for an hour or so on a kitchen bench.

Roll out onto a floured board until you have a sheet that is about 3mm thick

Cut to desired shape and either dry on a rack or use fresh in cooking.

Now for the photo tutorial;

Gather all the ingredients together.


Resting the dough while I make tomato and vegetable sauce (with fake chicken mince)


Rolling the sheets out flat


About this thick


Beginning to make layers


Cheese sauce layer


Oops, I made too much tomato sauce


Layers of yum. The pyrex container is for the oven and the stainless steel one is for the thermal cooker



Ready to cook

According to my internet research, a lasagna (or other solid type foods) can be cooked in the thermal cooker by placing a tin of said food in a bath of boiling water for a really long time. So that is what I did.


Boiled the kettle and poured in some water


Put a bowl in the bottom of the cooker as a trivet



The pan is sitting on the trivet and has boiling water to about half way up the side


First lid on


All sealed up and cooking


This one gets popped into the oven for 45 minutes (until it went brown)


Cooked lasagna in the thermal cooker


From the oven (yes, I forgot it was in there)

Both were delicious, I think I will make more of these. The thermal cooker is definitely the way to go for me; you may not get the hard, cheesy crust on top (or browning), but the food won’t burn when you forget it and go out chasing interesting birds in the garden.

Pasta is a great way to get rid of that extra sourdough starter, I wonder if I can make it without egg now the chooks have stopped laying for the winter?

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