Local insects and animals – Textured emerald moth

While at work recently one of the kids came racing up to show me a moth that had landed on her bag (a common occurrence). I admired the colours, took a few photos and had an ‘I wonder…’ conversation about what and if moths eat. The moth was moved to a nearby bush for safety and I was left wondering what sort of moth it was. We (myself and a small group of kids) were amazed by the beauty and depth of the colours and patterns in the wings.

This morning I began my search to answer that question;

An extensive stroll through the database of the Coffs Harbour Butterfly House yielded a few likely suspects and an image search on Google images confirmed it; the beautiful insect was a Textured Emerald moth.

Apparently adult moths drink nectar and other liquids through a proboscis and are quite fond of sweat because of the salt content, while the larvae eat leaves from various plants.

This is another example of the diversity of life around us that we are so often unaware of. If this moth had not been drawn to my attention by a child I would have been oblivious to this tiny scrap of beauty.

Note to self; always take the time to look when a child shows me something and appreciate beauty when I find it.

I wonder if I could weave fabric like those wings?

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