On my walk I saw… – number six

Today’s walk was definitely about fungus and lichen. We have had some good storms and rainy weather recently (an inch of rain in a storm just last night) and everything is fresh and new. The lichen and fungus are all taking this opportunity to grow and spawn to their heart’s content.

This fungi is in my compost pile. I have no idea what it is, but it’s fascinating.
Lacquered Bracket fungi ??
A seedling small leave fig, on our property!
Strawberry Bracket fungi

The pool under the fig tree is full today and the frogs are happy.
Heterodea muelleri
Blue Billy Goat Weed, which is a good poultice for wounds, stings and boils.
Austroparmelina pseudorelicina, I pass this patch all the time, today it is green and fresh around the edges.
The Gilled polypore has put on fresh colours to celebrate the rain.
Not sure what this lichen is, but I love the close up view. It is a tiny forest of trees, a microcosm.
Geranium buds in my own garden
Even the succulents are having a growth spurt.

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