Less waste lifestyle review

Gratuitous Melvin photo

Over the last twelve years or so, I have been moving towards using less packaging and making more of my own products (dragging my family, crying and whinging, with me). During that time we have managed to swap a lot of usual products in plastic bottles for home made or zero waste products.


Detergent – we now use soap nuts and essential oils

Fabric softener – we don’t use it

Soap nuts being turned into washing liquid.


Washing up – we use fully compostable brushes for washing up and homemade dish washing tabs for detergent

Surface cleaning spray – I make a spray from vinegar, detergent, peroxide and essential oils for wiping benches and use home made unpaper towels for mess cleaning

Reusable zip lock bags – I have been gradually increasing our store of those silicon storage bags that we use in the freezer and to hold leftovers in the fridge. They save so much waste.

Dish washing tabs, saving plastic.


Toilet paper – we use a bidet and family cloths to dry our nether regions

Soap – I make soap from used cooking oil every six months or so, that is the only soap we use

Shampoo – we use a shampoo bar and sometimes a conditioner bar when washing our hair

Toothpaste and brushes – we use a bought (sometimes home made) tooth powder and compostable toothbrushes

We are making a difference to our world. I needed to make this into a post (with photos) to be able to fully appreciate the many things we have accomplished. Our achievements disappear in the mass of things we haven’t done yet, leaving us feeling helpless and frail. This is my celebration and a reminder of how far we have come on our sustainable journey. Now time to look forwards.

Future projects;

make bath bud scrubbers

make my own scrubbing brushes and toothbrushes

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