On my walk I saw… – number seven

It has been raining for a few days now, and I missed walking, so I went for a walk in the rain (between showers really). I didn’t see very much of note on this walk because all my focus went to keeping two dogs untangled on their leads (one at a time from now on), until I was on my way home.

I skirted around some puddles in the driveway and saw some dog prints in the mud at the edge. Not remarkable in itself, but the tracks didn’t belong to my dogs and they weren’t there on the way out.

This dog has been passing by our humpy fairly regularly for years. We leave food for her on the path she always takes (especially when she has pups). She is a dingo (mostly at least) and belongs in the bush, she has never taken any of our animals and seems to raise her puppies with this knowledge too. She just passes by the humpy every few days on her search for food.

Today she followed us home, which makes me nervous. Not because I fear she will hurt me, but because our dogs are walking on ground she considers hers, without permission. I know she would attack our dogs if she came across them on their own in the bush and she may do the same if they are with me. I hope she will see that they will not harm her and are not hunting on her land (just passing through), but if she doesn’t, I may need to carry a big stick. This may seem like aggression on her part, but really it is just the way Nature works. We (humans in general) are not above or apart from it, we are part of the great dance that makes the world go around and as such, we must do our part as best we can.

I also took a quick walk around the garden and took some photos to share this rare lushness.

This is moss growing on a piece of cement a friend gave me, because I love lichens and mosses.
The Elder has berries (I am waiting on these for making syrup and tincture and dye, such a useful plant).
Dragon fruit flowers are amazing. I think the little yellow tongue bit, that looks like a flower inside the flower, is the male part of the flower.
The Dragon fruit are flowering again, I am hopeful that it will set fruit this time.
Passionfruit ripening nicely.
Many, many paw paw on the bisexual paw paw.
Baby lemons on the dwarf lemon tree.
Beans, carrots, zucchini, pak choi and weeds galore in the trailer bed.

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