On my walk I saw… – number nine

I think this will be the last post in this series, unless I find something amazing to share. I will keep walking as often as I can with the dogs (I do enjoy it), but I have shared most of the treasures that will hold still to be photographed. Todays focus has definitely been fungi and lichen. With all the rain lately, the bush is taking the opportunity to produce fungi and lichen of all shapes and sizes.

The fungi and lichen is growing on the ground, on wood laying on the ground, on standing trees, on rocks, wherever you look there is lichen and fungi. Nature is amazing!! The purpose of fungi is to break down materials into plant food, when it rains they can really get a lot of that done. I am hoping that the fungi will hurry along the decomposition of the fallen wood on the ground on our block (left over from logging) so there is less fire hazard for next fire season. Even in the rain, we are thinking about our next dry period.

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